About Us

At Jewelice, our prospective client will experience love and passion expressed through creative designs in gold and platinum. 
Founder and Lead Designer Armen Simonian envisioned jewelry pieces that mimicked nature itself -- Jewelice was started in 1994 in the jewelry district of Downtown, Los Angeles, where Simonian became a skilled modeler focusing on the simplest forms of excellence through his work. 
Shortly after beginning his career, he developed a reputation for his extravagant designs, work ethic, and professionalism. Simonian worked with many well known distributors in the Los Angeles area.
As in his nature, Simonian wanted to expand his reach to not just the Los Angeles area, but to the entire world. In 2011, with the help of his family he launched Jewelice; An online showcase of the world's finest jewelry designs, capturing elegance and modernism into forms of jewelry. For 25 years, Jewelice has long presented a standard for innovation, quality, and uniqueness in the world of jewelry.