Product Care

Jewelice rings are crafted with passion and detail, if cared for properly they can be enjoyed for ages. Our jeweler's carefully inspect each and every piece for structural integrity, visual beauty and exceptional craftsmanship to ensure you’re getting a perfectly presented piece. Please follow these care tips below to ensure you’re doing your part to preserve your jewelry.

Clean your piece with a soft cloth and rub gently; it can be scratched if you aren’t careful. Never use over-the-counter jewelry cleaners. There are instances you can’t control jewelry being exposed to such as oxygen, air pollutants that can affect the appearance of your piece. This varies depending on your body chemistry.

To ensure its longevity, avoid using your rings in active conditions, do not wear them while exercising, doing tasks such as laundry, dish-washing, showering, etc. 

As a general rule, your jewelry should be the last thing on and the first thing off when getting dressed. These simple steps will help keep your pieces looking brilliant for years to come.

Properly store your jewelry: Proper jewelry storage is essential to the life span of your pieces. When not in use store your jewelry in a box or soft pouch. Jewelry can draw moisture from the air which can cause it to oxidize rapidly, so storing in a safe dry place is recommended.